Sebastian Reymers and Amanda Richards are Sebastian Reymers Design.

We love large and furry or small and smooshy faced dogs.

We consider ice cream and Mexican food to be worthy hobbies, and pursue them as such.

We were introduced by a Professor/DJ who taught at both of our respective universities (one in the US, the other in Germany). One studied architecture, the other carpentry and interior design.

No, we won't tell you which of us thought of the idea for any of the projects, not because we are secretive, but because we generally forget these details.

Our lives are spread across two continents, sometimes with mixed results (contact us for some funny, but not so fun stories about German bureaucracy) but at the heart of things we are just making things that make us love design.

Email us if you want to chat, we love friends. Not ready for that or don't know what you would like to email us about? Like us on Facebook until you start to see what we are all about.